Um, you want to know about me? There's not really much to tell. I'm fourteen, a Capricorn, I have two siblings that I hate, a brother and sister, two cats, a dog, and a ferret. Hanson is the majority of my life, but I also like other music. I like Jewel, Third Eye Blind, Brandy, The Offspring, Next, N Sync, Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys (Millenium rocks!), Billie, a bunch of country artists, and Matchbox 20. I have very different tastes, huh? Well anyways, I love to write and read. That explains my love for my stories. I also write songs and poems. Those I will most likely never share with the world, though, because I'm very self-conscious. Oh, yeah, like I said, my name's Holly. Well, I like horses, rollerblading, b-ball with my buds, guys (very much!), and will try almost anything (except anything that involves heights, cause I have a horrible fear.) Anyways, my life dream is to meet Hanson and tell them what they mean to me. Whether it'll ever come true isn't up to me.

You want to know about my friends? First I'll talk about my online ones. Haha. Jenno. Or, as most know her, Jenny. She's like, the coolest. Almost. First comes me. Just kidding. But she's a really cool friend. She's a korn freak. (!?) She's also a friend here in real life. Then there's Greggo. Or, known to most, Gregg. I add o's to a lot of people's names. There's Salemo, but she doesn't have the Internet. Anyways, Gregg is probably right after Jenny as far as good friends are concerned. Um, I can talk to him about more stuff than I can my best friend here. But then again, my friends here are really not the best... but that's generally how it works. Greggo, if you're reading this, if you tease me, I'll KILL you. Haha. Moving on. Well, I really don't feel like talking about all my online friends. Cause you'd be here a while. Emilee Kolember's a really cool friend here in Indiana. That's cuz she's a Hanson freak, almost as bad as me. We went to Detroit this summer together for a concert. Pine Knob RULES!! I loved Detroit. Everyone was like Hanson fans!! I hate Chicago and Indiana man!! Megan Smith's really cool too! She puts up with mine and Em's Hanson-ism! She likes N*Sync. I think they're okay, I guess. But HANSON'S DA BOMB! But anyways, there's Jill and Dayanara. Then there's Brandy, Rhiannon, Erica, Mandy, Jackie, Emily Mansuedo, Rachel, Amy, Allison, who kills anyone who calls her anything but Al, Tiffany Anton, Tiffany R.,(she's got a long name!) Danny K., Mike something(dunno his last name), the other Amy, Laura, Carrie, I know I'm missing someone!

Hey, I'm updating this page!! It's now the day after the last day of this school year. I'm actually going to miss it! *sniff* This past year was my final year at Kahler Middle School. I'm now moving on to high school. I'm going to miss a lot of my friends that are going to Andrean. Oh yeah, I have a lot more friends to add to that list. There's Megan Werner, Krystal Bender, Krystle Gamba, Jenny Klemme, Chelsea, Candice, Bobbi, Tamara, Jacqui, Angela D., Ashley, Kristin, Amanda, Sunny,(he's a guy), Liz, Carrie Manes, Jessie, Abby, Rene', Julie, and some other people I'm missing.

Everyone was crying the last day of school cuz we're gonna miss each other so much! I took soo many pictures! I'm gonna miss my teachers too! Frau and Mr. King! They were nice! But a lot awaits me at Lake Central. It's gonna ROCK! Well, that's all the news for now, well, except I got a sun